Project Description

Easy Art.

  • DMAX Color Liquid is ‘AQUA BASE’.

  • It is professionally categorized & blended by engineers and experienced ceramists.

  • It can be the best matched color with DMAX zirconia blocks.

  • Shade

    • Vita classic
    • Vita 3D master

    • Special Unique effect color

Tips for Coloring!

    1. Check the block color first.
      • For using the coloring liquid with pre-shaded block, you need to check the color of block carefully.
    2. Dipping technique.
      • With dipping liquid, you can get the color what you want simply.
      • For example, if you use A1 shade block, you can use A1 shade liquid to make A2 color crown before sintering.
      • Detail shade matching with stain after sintering.
    3. Brushing technique.
      • Brushing method is basically same with porcelain build up and staining technique.
      • DMAX special liquids are unique solution to make looking natural crown.
    4. Bridge cases.
      • To get the same color on the pontic area, brush with water once then go ahead same with dipping or brushing. Otherwise pontic can be little more dark than crown or copping area because of thick volume.
    5. You can contact or our website to get more advanced information update.