Project Description

Easy Everyday.

Easy Pen

  • 10ml / pen

  • Easy Pen is for coating the surface of the crown to facilitate CAD/CAM scanning.

  • non flammable.

  • Please shake well before use.

  • For the first use, press pen point 5~10 times until pen tip get moisturize by liquid.

  • If pen point get dry during use, please press pen tip 1~2 times gently.

  • Do not shake hardly after press pen point, liquid could be splattered.

  • Please do not separate the pen, liquid will be pour.

  • Close the lid of the pen when you are not using it.
    If pen tip is exposed, it become dry because liquid is very easily evaporated.

Easy Scan Powder

  • 10g

  • Easy scan powder is powder type scan cover for preparation of CAD/CAM scanning.

  • non flammable.

  • Brush or pat gently the powder to the working part.

  • Do not give impact to the product.

  • The contents could be broken by strong impact, but there is no functional problem for using.

eaZy glaze

  • Liquid 15ml, Paste 3g 

  • eaZy glaze is exclusive for full contour zirconia.

  • eaZy glaze(paste type) is convenient to use.

  • One time glazing is enough.

  • Do not effect of crown color because of high translucence.